Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taking Time for Yourself

You may or may not have noticed my absence from the blogging/social media world for the past couple of months. At first I didn't mean to take a hiatus from the blogging and social media world but then I decided that I needed to conscientiously step back from this world in order to take time for myself. 

As you may or may not have known, a year ago I walked down the aisle and got to marry my best friend. I decided to take this past year to deepen and strengthen our relationship as husband and wife as we started our first year of marriage. Now many people may think that you don't need to take time off to be able to do this but I wanted to be able to give my whole self when spending time together. I didn't want to live behind the screen of a computer or behind the lens of a camera making sure I got the perfect picture for social media. I wanted to be able to fully commit to my husband and build a stronger relationship together when we were together. This past year was a crazy busy year at work and the last thing I wanted to be doing was spending the extra time I did have hiding behind a computer screen.

Don't get me wrong, I love this SLP community and loving sharing/gaining ideas from all these amazing people but the one thing I think we often forget is that we need to take time for ourselves and there is no reason to be ashamed about that. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in social media that we forget to live the life in front of us. Now this just doesn't apply if you have gone through or are going through a significant life event. It is important to take time for yourself regardless!

My advice to new SLPs or those that have just graduated is to always remember to take time for yourself. Don't lose yourself in your work because you'll begin to resent the reason why you started this journey in the first place. The last thing you want to lose is your passion for why you got started in this field in the first place.  

In a field where we spend so much time helping others, we often forget to take time for ourselves to help rejuvenate our minds. It is difficult to help others when you are not your best self. I encourage you to don't let work consume you, as hard as this is. I know the feeling! There are often times when I want to take work home but I know that work will always be there. 

Keep pursuing a long time hobby or start a new one! Doing something you love often, other than work, feeds the mind and the soul allowing yourself to be in the best mental state for work. It is important to take time to nurture your mind and soul whether that be through meditation/yoga, picking up a good book, your favorite sport, or for me crafting. I LOVE crafting and have made an effort to allow myself to feed the creative side of my brain through numerous craft projects this past year. 

What is your favorite way to take time for yourself or relax?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time Timer

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite items in my speech room. I love my "Time Timer" and my speech kiddos love it too. We use it to keep track of therapy time. The reason why the Time Timer is special is because it provides a great visual for kids and therapists, and it works for kids who can't tell time yet. 

How does it work? Simple use your fingers and move the red part to your desired time. I ask my own kid at home to do quiet time for 40-50 minutes a day. He goes in his room, we set the timer, and he comes out when the red is all gone! SO SIMPLE, even a 3 year old can use it on his own :)

I got mine from Amazon and it makes a beep sound when it gets to 0 so he can see and hear the timer. You can have it on silent or ring. We use this at home every day and I highly recommend it to parents with young kids as well as SLPs working with preschool and school age kids. 

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to write a product review because I love using the Time Timer.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Groundhog's Day Freebie

Is winter here to stay or is spring on it's way? I know that many of you on the east coast are probably hoping for some spring weather after the snow storm you got. Though winter has been pretty mild here in the Pacific Northwest, I am hoping to see some spring weather early this year.

With Groundhog's day coming up, use these freebie to talk about vocabulary related to this day and then have your students vote if they think we're in for another 6 weeks of bad winter weather or if nice spring weather will be here soon.

click the image below to download this freebie or click here

Monday, November 16, 2015

My Healthy Meal- Articulation Activity

My son made this awesome project in preschool today and I thought this could be made into a speech therapy activity. You can target so many goals with something so simple. All you need is a paper plate and a bunch of weekly grocery ads. Each kid today at school made a plate with their favorite healthy foods and they called it their healthy meal. We can change this and target different articulation goals. For example you can ask the kids to cut out pictures of all foods that have the letter /s/ or /r/ in them and you can call it my "S Plate" or "R plate." This is an easy and fun way to help children with their articulation goals in speech or at home. You can even send it home for homework. You get the idea! Just use your imagination and put anything on that plate. You can even target food categories. 

And here is a picture of their cute Farmer's Market at school! I just love it.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Birthday Countdown: Day 7-It's My Birthday!!

We've made it to the last day of The Birthday Countdown Giveaway and my birthday is finally here. What better way to celebrate than with a storewide sale (28% off) in TpT store and a great end of the giveaway prize. 

Here's what you can win:
-Plum Paper Teacher Planner
-Erin Condren Teacher Cover
-Hello Coffee reusable coffee tumble
-Holiday Sticker pack-- I love using these for barrier games in my Speech Room and they're my favorite holiday stickers of all time
-Energel Pens-My staple pen of choice which may people try to "accidentally" take because they love writing with it so much

To win today's ultimate prize, you must have entered in each of the prior days' giveaways. I have been keeping track of who has entered and followed the instructions appropriately. You must have also reposted my original post on instagram regarding the giveaway from 10/31. 

For today's question, what was your most memorable birthday and why?

Thank you so much for sharing in this birthday celebration with me. I can't wait to see what this year has to bring. Last year flew by in a whirlwind with having planned a wedding but this year I look forward to enjoying the joys of marriage, friendship, work, and life. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Birthday Countdown: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of #thebirthdaycountdowngiveaway! Sorry this post is coming to you a little late. For today's prize, I wanted to share a resource with you that I've talked about countless times. Teachers Pay Teachers is an amazing outlet in which other SLPs, SLPAs, or SLPs to be can share their creative talents. I know when I was first starting out that many of these materials were the only ones I could afford. Even though I'm able to afford some of the more expensive materials out there now, TpT is still my go to because I find that these products are exactly what I was looking to use with my students specifically. Products by fellow SLPs help to fill the gaps that some of the other materials out there have. Plus why not support a fellow SLP.

For today's entry, leave a comment below with what product you would like to see on sale for tomorrow's SLP Monthly Must have sale. If you haven't heard about this sale, definitely check this sale out on TpT tomorrow. SLPs will be putting on product in their store for 50% off just for that day only. I'm deciding to throw an additional sale to celebrate my birthday. So be sure to check out my store tomorrow for 28% EVERYTHING! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Birthday Countdown: Day 5

Thanks for joining us for day 5 of #thebirthdaycountdowngiveaway! Today I'm giving away something my day just wouldn't be complete without (read: I wouldn't be able to function without it during the week)... a giftcard to Starbucks. Head over to our Facebook HERE to enter today's giveaway!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Birthday Countdown: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of #thebirthdaycountdowngiveaway!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a company called I Can Do Apps. Not only are these apps fantastic for therapy use but the app creators are individuals who you can really tell care about this population of children that we work with. Some of my favorite apps from them include: Guess What, Guess Who, and Guess Where. The various clues that they provide align the goals we have been working on and I love using this in conjunction with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). The emotions app is only that I often reach for as well. It gives you the ability to choose the level that you want to work at—identifying the picture with the emotion, identifying the emotion with the picture, identifying the picture based on the scenario + emotion (my favorite level), identifying the picture with label based on scenario, and identifying the picture based on the scenario. This app company provides countless opportunities to teach the concepts within my student’s zone of proximal development while still being motivating and fun for them.

*For today’s question, head over to their website here and let me know what app you would love to try out from them. (limit $2.99)

Disclaimer: Some of the apps from this company that I own were provided to me from the creators; however, I personally purchased more apps from them and the prize for today’s giveaway was personally purchased. I am not paid for this review and it is my honest opinion. I am not receiving compensation other than the free apps they provided me with. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Birthday Countdown: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of #thespeechchicksbirthdaycountdown ! 

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite apps that elicits so much language in therapy as well as something that the students are extremely motivated to work for. I love using the Toca Boca Tea Party and Store app in therapy. They provide countless opportunities for turn-taking, use of expanded language, and following directions. Check out the youtube videos below to take a peek into these apps. 

Comment below with your answer to today's question. For today's questions, what Toca Boca app are you the most interested in trying out? Today's winner will win 1 free Toca Boca app (limit $2.99). Head to their website Toca Boca Apps to learn more!

Monday, November 2, 2015

V-B Minimal Pair Words

We have all heard that kiddo who says "best" for "vest" or "bacuum" for "vacuum." Some kids have a difficult time producing the /v/ sound and often substitute this sound with the /b/ sound because /b/ is just so much easier to pronounce! We made a small packet with V-B minimal pair words to bring attention to the /v/ sound. 
Model the words that start with the /v/ sound in the top row, then ask your child to repeat these words. If the child says “best” for “vest,” stop the child and bring attention to the difference in these words. Explain that “vest” is something you wear and it is different than the word “best.” Continue modeling each word and help the child realize that by substituting /b/ for the /v/ sound, each word changes its meaning.

Click here to download the packet: V-B Minimal Pair Words

How to teach the V sound: Click here!

Want more /v/ words for practice? Click here!